Am I in a de facto relationship?

Am I in a de facto relationship? Defining the meaning of ‘de facto’ and why it’s important in family law

Understanding if your relationship is considered "de facto" in family law matters is important if your relationship ends and you need to divide your assets and/or access spousal maintenance.
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Loans to family members and how to protect your interests

Loans to family members; should I put it in writing?

There are a lot of reasons why you might enter into a loan arrangement with a family member. If the loan arrangement is documented appropriately, then it can be beneficial to all parties. But if you don’t put family loans in writing, there can be dire consequences.
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Commercial Rent Freeze NSW due to coronavirus

Commercial rent during COVID-19: how does the freeze on increases work?

The economic consequences of Australia's response to COVID-19, for both owners and occupiers of commercial and retail properties, have been extremely negative. This article addresses a freeze on rental increases during the pandemic.
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NSW Land Tax Concessions for Landlords During COVID-19

NSW 2020 Land Tax concessions for landlords (commercial and residential) during COVID 19

Many landlords are feeling the negative financial impacts of Australia's actions to ward off the most negative consequences of the COVID 19 pandemic. The New South Wales government is providing some relief to landlords by way of Land Tax concessions.
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Getting a Will down during the coronavirus pandemic

Making your Will during COVID 19 – it’s easier and safer than you think

There is nothing like a pandemic to focus your attention on those "I must get around to it" jobs! One of those jobs includes writing your Will.
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Consent Orders formalise parenting and/or financial matters after separation.

We have separated amicably, what now? Your guide to family law Consent Orders

Consent Orders are a written agreement between the former spouses that is approved by the Family Court of Australia. They can be made in relation to parenting matters, or financial matters, or both and are legally enforceable.
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What happens if I die without a Will?

Why should I have a Will and what happens if I die without one?

Even if think you don’t need a Will or if the topic is something you prefer to avoid, the preparation of a Will is an important step that can save your family a lot of stress, hassle, disagreement and even money.
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Can I sign and witness my legal documents remotely?

Signing legal documents via videoconference

Having personally been in practice for 40 years and having been pedantic in our policy of how legal documents are properly signed and witnessed, we are now able to use technology to be able to remotely witness you signing documents.
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Benefits of a Testamentary Trust Will versus a Simple Will

Benefits of a Testamentary Trust Will versus a simple Will

Testamentary Trusts are estate planning tools which are useful for a range of reasons, including for wealth protection and due to the tax advantages. This article looks at the benefits of Testamentary Trust versus a simple Will.
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What to consider when selling a cafe

10 things to consider before selling a café

There are a number of issues to consider when selling your café business and where to start can be a daunting process. Here are 10 legal issues that should be considered when you prepare for selling your cafe.
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Commercial rent rights and obligations during COVID-19

Paying your commercial rent during COVID-19

Commercial leases are certainly a hot topic at the moment for landlords and tenants alike. The Federal Government has now passed its mandatory code of conduct and the NSW State Government is in the process of finalising its legislation which supports the code for NSW lease transactions.
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Are parenting orders still in place during covid-19?

Co-parenting during the COVID-19 pandemic

Co-parenting has its challenges such as managing the weekly commitments of the childrens’ schooling and extracurricular activities. Now we have to add into the challenge an invisible enemy in the form of the COVID 19 pandemic.
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