Deceased Estates

When someone dies and they have a Will, in most cases the Executor will need to apply for a Grant of Probate to be able to distribute the assets of the deceased in accordance with their wishes. When a person dies without a Will, an administrator is appointed and they will need to apply for Letters of Administration to undertake their duties.

If you have been named Executor in a Will, Our Wills & Estates lawyers can assist you with all aspects of managing a deceased estate:


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Electronic witnessing of legal documents is here to stay in NSW

Electronic witnessing of legal documents is here to stay

The remote witnessing of important legal documents such as Wills, Statutory Declarations and Affidavits over audio-visual link technology is now here to stay in NSW!
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The benefits and conditions in setting up a life estate/life interest.

What is a life estate or life interest in a Will?

A life estate is a term used to describe a type of “ownership” or use of property (or other assets) for the duration of a person’s life. It is commonly referred to as a life interest.
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