Our experience in commercial leasing is substantial - acting for both landlords and tenants.

Acting for Landlords

We tailor commercial leasing terms to suit your needs. We consider the nature of the tenant, the type of premises and the extent of the lease terms.

We act for landlords of substantial office blocks, retail shopping malls, single offices or shops and we have an extensive range of lease formats for consideration.

If you have a specific format that you prefer, we can assess it and advise on its suitability or assist to amend it, if required, to best protect your interests.

Acting for Tenants

When acting for tenants, our focus is twofold:

  1. to ensure that the commercial leasing terms are fair and reasonable; and
  2. to provide you with an understanding of your obligations and rights.

Just as setting up your business with the right structure is very important, the lease of premises to operate from is a fundamental component of making your business a success.