Martin Alfonso


Martin’s primary areas of practice are:

Martin has significant experience and an extensive understanding of many areas of law. His main focus and interest lie in the areas of commercial and business law and estate planning.

In addition to operating his own successful legal practice for many years, Martin is a Director on the Board of a number of companies.

This allows him to have an appreciation, from the client's point of view, of the legal and commercial requirements of acquiring and operating a successful company, both large and small.  It also allows him to assist clients in entering into shareholders agreements and business succession plans which are effective for their particular business structure.

In Wills, trusts and estates matters, Martin will always work closely with clients, in conjunction with their financial advisors and accountants.

A client’s estate plan will be tailored to address any issues that can arise under succession law, while still meeting his client's individual requirements and wishes.

Martin has developed considerable knowledge and experience in the establishment and use of discretionary testamentary trusts and is well regarded in this field. He has substantial experience in ensuring that superannuation benefits and other business structures are managed as part of the overall estate plan.

Martin has also extensive experience in dealing with Disputed Wills and Family Provision Claims.


Law Society of New South Wales - Member

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