Wills, Trusts & Estates

Claims in life and on death come from everywhere – tax, family, business and creditors.  Our clients deserve the peace of mind in knowing they have a careful and well considered plan to protect their wealth.


Every adult should have a Will – and leaving your family without having made a Will (intestacy) can create difficult issues for them. But having a “do it yourself” Will can be just as problematic for your family.

Estate Planning and Trusts

Given the complexities of taxation laws, family law disputes and creditor claims, and given that most of us now have two significant assets, being the family home and superannuation (including life insurance), often a simple Will is not enough to protect your family.

Enduring Powers of Attorney

Your Will determines what happens after you have died. Your Enduring Power of Attorney provides for you during your lifetime by allowing someone you trust to make decisions as to your financial affairs.

Appointments of Enduring Guardian

While the Enduring Power of Attorney allows someone to make decisions as to financial matters on your behalf, the Appointment of Enduring Guardian allows someone to make decisions about you and your needs, when you are unable to do so.

Challenging a Will

If you believe that you have not been properly provided for in a Will, or you think that the Will was not properly made, then there are some methods to redress this.

Managing Deceased Estates

If you are the Executor of a Will, you need to carry out the intentions of the deceased person according to their Will.