Family Law

For most people, the breakdown of any relationship is a challenging time, whether it be a marriage, de-facto, or same-sex relationship. We can guide you through these challenges by providing you with expert family law advice as to your rights and entitlements. Depending on your circumstances, where you need additional advice and support, we will work with experts in other fields to ensure the service we provide you is focused and tailored to your individual needs.

Our family law expertise covers the following areas:

  • Divorce
  • Parenting arrangements
  • Child Support
  • Financial issues including Property and Spouse Maintenance
  • Financial Agreements
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution 
  • Family Violence


Divorce is the legal end of your marriage. To obtain a Divorce, you must be able to prove that you were validly married, qualify to have your divorce granted in Australia, and be able to show that your marriage has broken down.


Arrangements for children include both the decision-making responsibility for children, and what living arrangements are put in place for the children.

Child Support

Parents have a legal duty to support their children. This applies regardless of where the children live, or what time they spend with each parent.

Financial Issues including property and Spousal Maintenance

In most circumstances, the breakdown of relationships also brings the need to divide assets and allocate liabilities. Arrangements may also need to be made for financial support. Unlike Divorce, Property and Maintenances issues can be dealt with at any time after separation.

Financial Agreements

These Agreements can deal with financial issues, maintenance and/or superannuation. They can be made before marriage or cohabitation, during, or after a relationship has ended. For these Agreements to be legally binding, very strict requirements must be met. "Pre-nuptial" Agreements are one variety of Financial Agreement.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

There are several ways of resolving family law matters without beginning court proceedings. Some of the options include mediation, informal negotiation or in appropriate cases, a collaborative model. We can provide you with information on all forms of dispute resolution to suit your circumstances and budget.

Family Violence

Family Violence is a broad term used to describe a variety of coercive, controlling and abusive behaviors that occur between intimate partners and/or family members. We can provide you with assistance and advice regarding options to address or respond to family violence  allegations in the context of relationship breakdown.