Commercial & Business Law

When your business is your livelihood, you need to know that the structure is sound, and your interests are protected.

There has been a substantial growth in small to medium enterprises in the past decade as large corporations outsource more and more of their non-core work and as small businesses mature and grow.

We have wide experience in all aspects of the operation of small to medium enterprises, helping business owners to:

  • Comply with trading laws
  • Ensure they are secure in their selling and purchasing of supplies, goods and services
  • Deal with their employment issues
  • Collect what is owed to them

Buying a Business

Ensuring you get the business you expect, and that it remains a viable going concern, needs careful planning and due diligence.

Selling a Business

Maximising the sale value, and minimising the chances of a purchaser claiming compensation is our priority for you.

Managing the Business Structure

When commencing a new business venture with colleagues or introducing new co-owners to your business, it is worthwhile to ensure that there is a well defined management structure and a clear understanding of what is to happen if a co-owner departs, voluntarily or involuntarily.

Your Business & Your Family

Your involvement in the success of your business probably heavily influences your own lifestyle and that of your family.

Commercial Leasing

Our experience in commercial leasing is substantial - acting for both landlords and tenants.