Lauren Weatherley


Lauren’s primary areas of practice are:

Lauren is one of our lawyers working in the areas of Wills, trusts and estates and property law.

Estate Planning

Lauren works with our clients in the development of an estate plan to manage their requirements both during their lifetime and following their death, always taking their individual circumstances into account.

Lauren assists clients with the preparation of all estate planning documents including:

  • Wills (with or without Discretionary Testamentary Trusts);
  • Enduring Powers of Attorney
  • Appointments of Enduring Guardian with Advance Health Care Directives; and
  • Funeral wishes.

In the area of Trusts, Lauren handles a number of matters relating to variations and appointments under Trust Deeds.

Property Law

Lauren also works in the area of property law and has assisted clients in both the successful purchase and/or sale of residential and commercial properties, ensuring they achieve a positive outcome when dealing with what is often one of the most important financial transaction in their lives.


Law Society of New South Wales - Member

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