When Litigation Cannot be Avoided

Unfortunately, as a business owner, you may be faced with going to court to enforce your rights (being a plaintiff) or defending a claim (being a defendant).

Our experience is that the advice and support required during a court case needs to be both objective and subjective:

  • As your lawyer, we need to remain objective and capable of presenting your claim or defence clearly and forcefully, and we need to honestly identify to you the strengths and weaknesses of your legal argument
  • As your advisor, we will support you in defining your claim or defence and assist you with assembling the evidence to support your argument, always mindful not to allow the costs of the litigation to outweigh the reasons for going to court

Our philosophy is to actively and strenuously pursue your rights or defend the claims, but we also look to resolve the dispute where possible without incurring extensive legal costs or diverting you from the purpose of your business. Often a resolution of a dispute should be a commercial one, not merely a legal technicality.