Setting up the Right Business Structure

If you need assistance to take the first step in establishing a business structure or you want advice about reviewing your existing business structure, we can help.

Every business is unique, and each business and business owner will have their own particular needs when it comes to structuring the business.

The two essential considerations for the right business structure are:

  • The liability of the individuals
  • The taxation consequences

We can work with you and your accountant or financial adviser to formulate the best structure for you and your business - whether it be a company, a partnership, a trust or a joint venture.


  • What is the best structure to use?

    This is a difficult question to answer simply. The right structure depends on:

    • The type of business and the industry the business is in.
    • Who will be the owners of the business.
    • Who will be involved on a day to day basis in the business.
    • How long you expect to remain in the business.
    • The potential for growth of the business, amalgamation with other businesses, takeover of other businesses and envisaged exit strategies.

    We can work with you and your accountant and/or financial advisor to assist you in determining what is the best structure.