Christopher Alfonso


Chris’ primary areas of practice are:

Chris is one of our Wills, trusts, estates and commercial law lawyers. He also works in the area of property law.

Wills & Estates

Chris works with clients in the development of a comprehensive estate plan to effectively manage their affairs and protect their wealth, both during their lifetime and following their death. In doing so, Chris ensures that clients’ estate plans are customised to suit their individual needs and circumstances.

Succession Law

Chris also works in the area of Disputed Wills and claims for further provision from estates (Family Provision Claims).

Commercial & Business Law

Chris assists clients to navigate the requirements and challenges that they may face during:

  • the initial acquisition of a business;
  • the structure and operational setup of a business; or
  • the sale of a business.

His economics background has provided him with a broad and effective understanding of the challenges faced by businesses.

Property Law

Chris has experience in handling a range of transactions including residential and commercial matters; sales, purchases and leasing.  He will work with his clients to ensure that the sale or purchase of property is handled thoroughly, effectively and in a timely manner.

Memberships | Volunteer Positions

  • BNI Pittwater - Vice President
  • Law Society of New South Wales - Member

Recent articles by Christopher

When should I update my Will?

When should I review or update my Will?

Your Will and estate plan ages over time but unlike a fine wine, it will rarely improve with time. There will be times during your life when you should review and/or update your Will, particularly when your personal circumstances change.
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How does marriage affect my Will?

Effect of marriage on your Will and other estate planning documents

Getting married (or divorced for that matter) can have significant impacts upon any Will, Power of Attorney or Appointment of Guardian you already have in place.  Likewise, if you didn’t have any of these documents before marriage, now’s the time (before marriage or divorce), to get them done.
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Do I need a Will?

Why should I have a Will and what happens if I die without one?

Even if think you don’t need a Will or if the topic is something you prefer to avoid, the preparation of a Will is an important step that can save your family a lot of stress, hassle, disagreement and even money.
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Benefits of a Testamentary Trust Will versus a Simple Will

Benefits of a Testamentary Trust Will versus a simple Will

Testamentary Trusts are estate planning tools which are useful for a range of reasons, including for wealth protection and due to the tax advantages. This article looks at the benefits of Testamentary Trust versus a simple Will.
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